"Ultimately, the success of an organisation is based on the talent within the team."


Welcome to Custard Recruitment.

Talent. Fast.

In order to stay ahead of the competition in this world it is absolutely essential that your organisation recruit and retain the most talented individuals in the industry.

This concept is very simple, and something you are unlikely to disagree with. It’s getting there that can be the challenge and that is where we come in to the equation. Custard Recruitment specialise in Talent Acquisition.

Whether you need help with one particularly difficult role or whether you have made the strategic decision that a complete overhaul of your recruitment and retention methods is what will drive you forward we have a team on hand to deliver a tailor made service that allows your company to thrive.

Our service models not only allow your organisation to grow, they also look at ways to significantly reduce the costs associated with recruiting the best people in your business arena.

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